Our Counselling Process

Psychometric assessment

Our psychometric assessment measures your interests, personality and abilities. The assessment has been designed by expert psychologists. For students, the phase between class 9 to class 12 is usually quite crucial. They learn new subjects, develop more prospective. Hence, Career Bichar psychometric assessment for career guidance is a suitable step to take. This test has nothing to do with the grades a student gets or how smart he/she perceives himself/herself to be. It is about uncovering a student's interest, personality and abilities in order to map these to careers that are most apt.

Assessment analysis

When a student done the psychometric assessment, Our expert psychologists evaluate the assessment by using various parameters. Our team of expert psychologists bring about various psychological method to evaluate the assessment and they share the assessment results with students and their respective parents

Online Counselling Session

Career counseling is a process that will help you to know you and understand yourself and your pathway better. A career counselor can help you to uncover your strengths, overcome barriers and learning curves and realise your potential. Our counseling session used to done completely online through google meet, jio meet, WhatsApp, telephonic round and many more, it help students and their parents to take the session according to their preferable time and also helpful for those are belongs to remote and rural areas.
A student taking part in our career counseling can expect to:

  • Learn what may suit them best - where they should succeed.
  • Confirm their best ideas
  • Discover potential new occupations
  • Gain a positive view on planning their next steps
  • Find out how to increase their grades